Music & Mental Health is the first season in a series of short documentaries under Thought Positive Media founded by Tina Rix. Featuring all Austin Musicians, Artists, non-profit organizations and local business owners where we enjoy live performances and learn about their stories and what mental health means to them.

This series focuses on STOMPING OUT THE STIGMA surrounding Mental Health and highlighting the healing nature of art through music.

Film Synopsis

Beautiful charming Austin, TX....the Live Music Capital of the World, has been the home of Nigerian American psychotherapist, singer, and Film Director, Tina Rix for the past 5 years. A transformation began to take over Tina from day one of opening her mental health company here. Austin is a city that recognizes mental health as an important issue and one that can be combated by spreading awareness. We invite you to watch the Music and Mental Health Docuseries. There has been a lot of talk about the effects of COVID-19 on people, including music artists and local business owners, and we just happened to begin filming this project in late January 2020. The timing could not be more appropriate. What was the main goal of this docuseries? Stomping out the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness and making mental health a household concept that is no longer considers someone with a mental illness as a negative, crazy, lesser human being. Mental Health is just as important as physical health. Thought Positive Media, LLC, with the help of local independent artists, share their talents and voices in more than one way in this film. They facilitate healing by sharing different aspects of their lives, through storytelling, which we hope will be appreciated by the community and their beloved fans. Tina Rix is a woman of the common everyday people and advocates for the marginalized, tormented, oppressed, and forgotten people. She is comfortable rolling up her sleeves and jumping right into any environment and learning from the cultures surrounding her. She is currently enrolled at a private University in California and is working on her doctorate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with a concentration in Systemic Thinking and Social Justice. She believes in integrating the arts, mental health, systemic thinking, and social justice into all aspects of life.
Tina Rix is also an independent recording artist herself, (which is covered more in the very last Episode 9 of 9), and remains on a continual journey of healing from a lifetime of oppression and various types of abuse, by way of investing in the music and film projects geared towards, self-development, self-love, community awareness, collective growth as a people, mental health advocacy, and self-healing journeys. The independent artists featured in this project helped her catalyze healing projects and each one is passionate about mental health awareness and the importance of continuing to support independent artists. They are our healing agents. They help us emote and process our stuff and provide the soundtrack to our lives. Authenticity from each featured artist care for humanity and is what the spirit of this project left our skeletal film/editing crew walking away uplifted with. We are extremely hopeful that the content of the docu-series resonates with every viewer, young and old, in a positive way.
The film features many singers, musicians, nonprofit agencies that support the health of local artists, such as HAAM, SIMS, Oasis at Lake Travis, JaRon Marshall, Jon Deas, Alesia Lani, KUTX, The Breaks Radio Show, Kenny Durham's Backyard, Recovery Unplugged and the Seventh Circuit Band, METSI Care, D Wood Foundation, Gsus Music Therapy, Dan Redman and the Mosaic Sound Collective, Butter N Jam Vibe Sessions, and much more.
Film Director, Tina Rix, has battled with mental health issues throughout her life due to an abusive childhood, which caused her to run away from home as a young teen and become a foster child, then teen parent by the age of 16. She is inspired by her own story and felt called to document the stories of others. "We all have a story. It’s about time we share our narratives in safe supportive spaces, with the goal being to stomp out the stigma that surrounds mental illness, bring more awareness to mental health around the globe, and advocate for the importance of mental health. Big thank you to Tina Rix's mental health company, Better Path Family Counseling, PLLC, for donating 100% of the funds needed to bring this film project to life.

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