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Tina Rix, LMFT-S

Trauma Psychotherapist, Film Director, Music Recording Artist 
I am a Sr. licensed trauma-based psychotherapist and multi-city deep-rooted trauma mental health practice owner. I am also a healing journey music recording artist who found that too many years of neglecting my creative and musically inclined side was unhealthy.
The Big Picture 
for the Music and Mental Health Docuseries

Destigmatize and introduce mental health to people worldwide.
​Encourage people to share their stories and be heard, validated, and accepted. 
Illuminate mental health awareness and advocate for respecting independent creatives and utilizing the arts to heal from the inside out.
Season 2 is goal of mine, and I am hoping to start filming in late 2023. 100% financing my film projects is a difficult feat, but this work means more to me than most things on this planet, lol.


 60+ Film Festival Awards: Combo of Mentions, Nominations, Finalist, and 19 Wins

Season 1Music and Mental Health Docuseries 

What is the Music and Mental Health Docuseries Premise, Objective, Goal?

Tina Rix is a licensed mental health therapist, singer/songwriter, film director, and producer. She is releasing the debut docuseries Music and Mental Health: Season One. The first season of a series of 35 mins to 1-hour long episodic documentaries featuring all Austin, TX Musicians, Artists, non-profit organizations, and local business owners where we enjoy live performances, and CEO Tina Rix, sits down with them for transparent and authentic conversations that highlight their life and journey with music and how it correlates with their mental health. This series focuses on the mission to stomp out the stigma surrounding mental health and highlight the healing nature of art through the magic of music.


Licensed psychotherapist Tina Rix, has always been passionate about music and art. She wanted to create a way to help others and give back to society through positive, entertaining, and educational film, music, and media. She hopes you will enjoy the docuseries and join the Thought Positive Tribe by sharing and streaming the content on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming platforms.

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